KD Software is proud to offer some of the most robust and effective products available. Whether it's one of our own custom packages or one of our business partner products, we stand fully behind every product we recommend.

Get proven performance and reliability by basing your business on the IBM AS/400 and the new IBM e-server iSeries. We utilize a wide array of midrange products to harness the power of the midrange platform. Our midrange product capabilities extend from the S/36 all the way to the largest AS/400 and e-server iSeries.

We offer a full range of networking hardware and software, including a wide array of Server hardware and configurations. From Netfinity servers to Cisco routers, we have the experience to recommend the best hardware and software to maximize the potential of your network.

Let us configure a Business PC for you that is customized to your specifications. Whether you need a specialized workstation configured for a specific business task, a multi-function PC that can ably handle a wide array of business functions, or a group of Network Client computers configured for consistency and maintainability-- We have the PC solution you need. Our vast experience in this area allows us to purchase and recommend the most proven and reliable hardware and software solutions for your business needs.

Your business systems investment is only as good as the communications hardware supporting it. We offer reliable and high-quality cables, connectors, face plates, and jacks that ensure that your business data flows uncorrupted from source to destination. Since we specialize in network planning and system-to-system interfacing, we have a vast knowledge of the hardware that connects your vital business systems. We can evaluate and distinguish the correct communications hardware from hardware that would be ineffective or incapable of allowing you to reach your communications goals.

The quality and effectiveness of your software often determines your ability to harness the real power of your Business hardware systems. KD Software specializes in custom software products that are tailored to your unique requirements and preferences. We have built custom software environments that include stand-alone packages, packages that interface with today's most popular mainstream software, and supplementary utilities that allow you to automate or speed up key business processes. In addition to our custom software packages, we often incorporate into our solutions proven software packages and utilities from our partners and associates. This provides you with a robust yet customized solution that is built on some of the most recognized and powerful software in the industry. Whatever your software needs, KD Software can find the identify or create the right package for you.

Our printing solutions are designed with your total satisfaction in mind. We have some of the most unique and specialized printers and printing products available anywhere. Whether you require MICR checks, Bar Codes, Custom Forms, Graphics, or general purpose output-- We can identify a range of printers and printing products for you to choose from. We pride ourselves on the efficiency and effectiveness of our printing solutions, incorporating proven hardware and software that can truly automate some of your most mundane printing tasks.


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