KD Software offers a wide array of services designed to complement our clients' current needs while empowering them with the flexibility to expand their opportunities and market presence.

We can design and develop a custom system that meets your business needs-- both current and future! Our expertise on a variety of platforms enables to offer our clients both ground-up solutions and plug-in solutions that interface with today's most popular business software platforms and packages. We pride ourselves in utilizing state-of-the-art techniques to guarantee you a solution that is powerful and efficient both today and tomorrow!

One of our strongest areas is providing our clients with System Planning and Management solutions that can grow with your company while effectively interface with your current in-place platforms and business systems. Whether you are just starting out and need a stong IT foundation or currently have a wide array of systems in place, we can help you highlight areas where you can improve your efficiency, expand your abilities, and eliminate bottlenecks in your current business and technical processes.

One of our most popular offerings is our e-Commerce and web solutions. We can help you both in the design and implementation of your business web strategy. We offer Web Page design and creation services as well as powerful e-Commerce solutions that web-enable your business data. We can also build web interfaces on top of your current applications, thus making your applications more accessible while cutting down on your internal staff training effort. However big or small your need, we can provide you with an effective solution that allows you to access the power and flexibility of the web.

Do you need an IT solution that reduces your initial expenditures while allowing your business to focus on it's strengths? We can host both your applications and e-Commerce engines on a variety of today's latest equipment at an external and secured site. Our relationship with our business partners and other leading companies allow us to offer you a complete IT outsourcing solution should you require it.

KD Software has the ability to offer your staff access to independent training on today's most popular systems and software packages. We offer you on-site training from one of our product specialists, complete with training documentation and classroom-style presentation. We also offer training at our site should you wish to exercise that option.

Do you need to digitally enhance your company's current marketing graphics and tools? We can assist you by providing insight and guidance on creating logos, letterheads, and banners in addition to offering complete out-sourced graphic design solutions without any effort on your part!



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